Here is a centering exercise to help you cultivate a sense of centre, groundedness and presence.

A simple centering exercise

We are in balance when we have the capacity to be present, centred in ourselves and in relationship with those around us, These qualities can be the “difference that makes the difference” in our ability to enjoy life, communicate effectively and contribute to both our own and other’s wellbeing and success.

  • Acting from a place where we are centred and grounded and balanced means we are likely to:
  • Have a feeling of confidence and an absence of anxiety and self-doubt
  • A state of focused spaciousness in the mind and relaxed readiness in the body
  • Be able to operate at our very best in a sustainable way

If we are off balanced, we are likely to experience: anxiety, lack of confidence, low energy, fear, stress, mental paralysis.

In the same way that physical practice builds our skills for sports and other practical activities, so there are mental and somatic exercises that can help us improve our balance and resilience. The more we practice them, the more natural a state of balance becomes to us and the quicker we are able to notice we have been knocked off balance and return to centre.

I have a simple practice that I introduce in many of the workshops that I wanted to share with you in audio form.

It is a great daily practice for yourself at the start of the day or when ever you get knocked off balance. Remember you will get knocked off centre, how quickly can you come back again?

Here it is: