Come and have a day out in nature like no other on Saturday 25th September 10am to 4pm.

Learn techniques for shifting your awareness, changing how you use your senses, and even shifting your familiar ways of thinking. And turn being in the wild into a whole new experience.

Then enjoy a fine lunch of local produce shared around a fire in the woods.We have gathered breads, cheeses, preserves and salads from small producers to create a contemporary ploughman’s lunch that we think you will love! (And we are inclusive of most dietary requirements – our vegan Gorgonzola is divine!)

The workshop is set in the less-visited and rather delightful “high woods” at Brighton’s fabulous Stanmer Park.

The feet are the link

between the earth and the body. Begin there.

The lungs are the link between body and air.

The hands, these uprooted feet, are the means

of our shaping and grasping. Clasp them.

The eyes are the hands of the head;

its feet are the ears.


From “Sengzhao” – Robert Bringhurst

We experience the world in ways that are largely automatic and unconscious. We assume that what we see, is what is there. But we can learn to be far more flexible in how we experience both the world that surrounds us and our internal processes – our inner and outer landscapes. And when we do, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to us.

This workshop will take you on a gentle journey to train your mind and body to be more fully present to all that is going on – both in your environment, through the wonderful world of nature, and beneath your skin, as you respond to that world around you.

You will reap the rewards of a deeper experience of sensitivity, connection, and awareness of nature and greater relaxation, mental clarify and wellbeing on the inside too!

You will:

  • be guided in short exercises learning to shift your awareness of everything around you through all your senses (and more!)
  • spend guided time on your own into the enchanting Upper Woods at Stanmer Park
  • take time for reflection and discussion of the experiences
  • learn some background behind the practices and how to apply them in nature and in everyday life
  • take a break for a really special lunch of fine local produce

By the end of the day, you will have:

  • a set of techniques and practices of awareness that you can use at any time
  • an inspiring and practical understanding of how to deepen your experience of your place in the natural world
  • increased relaxation, awareness, creativity and resourcefulness
Previous participants enthused:

“An opportunity to stop, to truly stop and put your whole life in perspective, which is so rare. The day felt like a soothing balm, to get out of the constant stress and whirlwind of day-to-day life. It’s about mindfulness and connecting, at a deep level, to nature, in the most beautiful setting.”

“Fantastic, I really enjoyed lunch, lovely breads, slaw, and the vegan cheeses were excellent (I tend to avoid vegan cheeses as there are so many rubbish ones, but these were really impressive and I will be looking out for them in the future). A great take on a modern ploughman’s. Completely lovely and the flowers were a lovely touch.”