Become more at ease, naturally!

This course will introduce you to the amazing power of the natural world to help you have a healthy mind and a relaxed body. The sessions will take place in the lovely woods in Stanmer Park. Each week you will learn new techniques and have wonderful experiences that will help you along a journey to a happier you. You will deepen your relationship with nature in ways that will change you for ever. Each week we gather round the fire before heading out into the woods to learn new practices that really make a difference to how we think and feel. A real sense of community develops and people always love spending time each week in the peaceful Breathing Space

Learn a deeper experience of the natural world that will: 

  • ·      Unlock ways to create a calmer mind with much less unhelpful self talk
  • ·      Teach you practices to melt away stress, anxiety and tension
  • ·      Awaken a fresh sense of purpose in your life
  • ·      Shift you to feeling far more positive about yourself
  • ·      Help you to live life with more gratitude and trust
  • ·      Enable to feel safe and become more outward looking7 The workshops have three aspects:
  •   Some simple, practical exercises that can be easily learnt and incorporated into daily life.
  •   Background on why the exercises work the way they do.
  •  Time to share experiences and chat around the fire.

Every Thursday morning for 7 weeks

Times: 10am to 1pm

Dates: 20th April to 2nd June 2022 

Location: Breathing Space – a beautiful and calm place in Stanmer Park.

Cost: £20 for the course which helps us contribute to the upkeep of Breathing Space and covers drink and snacks each week. The rest is free!

On the first week, we will sort out transport for everyone through lift shares, buses, etc. – so don’t let transport worries put you off.

Join the course by clicking the Wild Mind register button on the workshop schedule.